Plan for a marriage, not just a wedding!
If you are engaged or seriously dating and considering marriage, these services are for you. CMFT’s premarital therapy program is designed to help couples get their marriage off to a great start and motivate them to continue the process for a lifetime.
During the premarital preparation sessions, couples get connected specifically about what kind of relationship they want and learn how to make it happen. You and your partner will learn communication and conflict resolution skills, identify your potential “stuck” dynamic and what drives it, and develop tools to get “unstuck” and get your needs met.
The cost of your premarital program is an investment in your future as a happily married couple. Please contact us about pricing, as we can tailor the program to fit your needs and budget.

Strong families foster healthy communities.
A strong marriage positively and directly impacts each person's level of happiness, physical health and emotional well-being. At CMFT, we believe the life-partner relationship is the foundation of strong families and healthy communities. The best way to prevent divorce and ensure a successful marriage is by participating in a high quality premarital program.


This program will enable you and
your partner to:

  • Explore your relationship strength and growth areas
    Identify your “stuck” dynamic and understand what fuels it
  • Strengthen your communication skills, including assertiveness and empathic and active listening
  • Open dialogue and find solutions around your “hot topic” conflicts
  • Explore your relationship & families-of-origin issues
  • Develop a workable budget and financial plan
  • Develop your personal, couple, and family goals

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