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Family therapy uses special techniques to help family members cope with many problems and situations. Family therapy can be helpful in dealing with anger, mental illness, chemical dependency, chronic illness, terminal illness, bereavement, abuse, behavioral problems, family conflict, divorce and family restructuring during divorce and remarriage.

Although one family member may be identified as "having the problem", it is likely that the entire family is affected. Family therapy aims to help all family members achieve healing and healthy interactions.

Family therapy sessions are either 45 or 90 minutes each and are usually held on a weekly basis. At the initial stage of therapy, usually during the second session, you will be given an estimate of how much time your treatment will take. For those of you on a fixed working schedule, a regular day and time can be allotted for you each week.

Family Therapy may address:
  • Parenting effectively
  • Eliminating destructive anger and unresolved conflict
  • Improving communication skills and conflict resolution
  • Resolving anxiety, depression, trauma
  • Navigating life's transitions
  • Balancing work, social and family life
  • Coping with chronic and life threatening illness

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